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All Indie! All The Time!

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Great Start To A New Year 

Greetings from the first lady of the DC Guttas, Lady Moet Beast here with the latest news in Cruddynesia! So if you didn't know we have acquired a new drummer. Adroa the Animal. Since last June we have been very busy filming, writing and creating these Cruddtastick Classics. We've also been touring across the US. So if you want to see The Cruddy Crankerz, book us in a town near you. 

So here is a brief run down of our last few events!

The Rumor Boutique-Las Vegas Nevada
This awesome themed cozy resort was off the chain. We went to LV to seek future bookings and stumbled on to a New Years Eve resort party of the year. Once the Beast & Monster stepped on to the scene the fun began. Cruddy Rite Radio was live and direct and the party didn't end til 4am. We was faking like shit knowing we had to pull out and be in Denver for the next show on 1/2. Lyricist Watch decided he wanted to broadcast live until 8 am (and he was the damn driver.... crazy rite)? Checked out at 11am and hit the road to the next spot!.

Angelos' CD's & More- Denver, Colorado
Live broadcast from Angelo's was awesome! Located rite next to the venue where we played we got to party with the patrons, make some new friends and give the people what they wanted. What better way to promote than from a place that promotes music! 3hr broadcast and then it was on to the show next door. 

The Bushwacker Saloon- Denver, Colorado
Man I'm not gonna lie when we walked in and walked thru we were greeted with biker jackets, spiked hair, good aromas of tree lingered in the air from outside and all was gravy. I turned to D.C. Ty as we walked to the patio and asked him so........how does it feel to be the only 2 black people in the whole club? We hadn't noticed because for the first time outside of DC color didn't matter. Fashion didn't matter and the only thing they came to see was us! We had a great time. Even tho we missed Adroa the Cruddnamic Duo still cranked! We will be back to see our new friends in Denver. Did I mention there were like 6 dispensaries on the strip near this club? 2 on the same block!!

As soon as the show was over we hit the road for DC. 26 hours away.... or so we thought! These details I will not give rite now.... guess you just have to wait til later.

The Den-Fort Washington, MD
Well When the Mad Blunsta calls who are you to say no!
The 8 mile HipHop Showcase hosted by Tony Blunt is dedicated to the rising stars in the area. It is our job as veteran artist to support local artist on their path to discovering ....themselves. That's rite goddamitt! Discover yourselves! Sign yourself! The Den is a great venue with a variety of different titles. Love the way you can chose where you want the stage set up. When you go there order the wings!!
But no seriously with D.C. Ty on the 1s and 2s The Cruddy Crankerz closed the show with some new bait. 

The Pinch- DC
Cancelled Due to snow!

Man it snowed like shit the night before the show. We didn't believe it was going to snow although the big kids in us had missed the snow of 2010 so the snow said no to our show. All 30 inches of it. So what did we do? Snowball fight!!

The Pinch-DC
2/28 We cranked out at home in the city of no pity at The Pinch. The spot is great with a dinning/bar upstairs concert venue in the basement. Its always fun to do these because we always get to meet new bands in the city. The will be one of the few spots you can catch us monthly in DC.

The Caldwell Tavern- Anniston Alabama
Well what did you think? The club bears our last name so there was no way we would turn this opportunity down for one freaking second! Located on the first sold lot in the town of Anniston sat this beautiful venue that opens the back of the stage to the main street so the public can hear what wonders lurk from inside these walls. The stage was awesome, and damn I gotta go back to get some more footage cause me like this place alot.  Don't go on Sundays. The state is dry (no alcohol) So keep that in mind if you roll thru the Al.

So there! you've been caught up. Now if you live in the city where these shows are going down I shouldn't have to catch you up unless its with an upper cutt for not being at the show. Unless you just can't come!. And with that this will be the las blog I type.....maybe. My blogs from now on will be in either audio of video format. Peace out yall!
Lady Moet Beast
Goddess MoeHam

A Band Full of Solo Accts 

Yes you heard it  loud and clear! Yes we are individuals that come together for the love of music and crankage, but cranks very well as solo artist as well. Don't be shy if you want to hear us on a solo bit just ask for it! Each one of us have solo projects that are knocking on the front door of your eardrums so with that being said, get to know the Crankerz! Every artist has their own solo page so you can browes thru and even purchase products. Dont forget we come as solo, duo, and band. PS, we dont bite, we just put the STANKAGE IN YOUR CRANKAGE!

Need a feature? We will be more than happy to bless your track. Just make sure you got that stack ready to go Lol! But seriously we do get down for fee with a garuntee that you will be pleased with the work.  Lets make it happen collabs are always welcomed.... but you better get your bars, lyrics, and beats up cause we plan to destroy them. 

The Green-Uh-Rhee Album  

Well its about damn time that this album hit the streets! It was a "420 Special Delivery" ...No we didnt rob the Easter Bunny we just took his eggs and made some special brouwnies and wrapped them in a wax pack. This was a project smothered with some of the best from Washington, D.C. such as Tony Blunt, Stinky Dink, Wisdom Speeks, Lady Moet Beast, D.C. Ty The Monster, Irvan Scott, Lil Rap, Spyda Da Cheiff, Antonio The Prospect, Nico GoGo-Ologist, Heartbeat, and Londi Love. We hope you enjoy this trippy, funny, toke to-choke to green situation. Cruddynites "Lets Spark"

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