My name is Tyrone "D.C. Ty the Monster" Caldwell-Cowan and I’m the definition of what it means to eat sleep and breathe music. My passion for music started at the age of 8 when I fell in love with the piano. I never thought that the first time I touched those black and whites that an on going addiction and an unbreakable bond would be forged. I am a jack-of-all-trades when it comes to music. I’m a rapper, producer, graphic designer, director, photographer, a video editor, a poet, a singer, and an engineer. What makes these skills stand out when it pertains to me is I am not an amateur in any of these fields. I first met rap at the age of 15 thanks to my cousin Dell. It started off wit a group of friends joking around freestyle rapping on the block. Everybody took a crack at it and when the spotlight fell on me the damnedest thing happened I started freestyle rapping without a flaw. It came natural like a reflex. From that point on I knew what I was meant to do. I started out as a battle rapper and til this day I'll slaughter anything moving in a dirty 30. My battling skills earned me a spot as a Friday Night Mic Fight champion on WPGC 95.5. It wasn't until 2000 that my written skills began to surpass the average rapper. It was now time to find a studio and I found one owned by none other than the Scraypuz. It was located on Sheriff Road. This was where I started learning about what goes on outside the booth in the captains’ chair. You know that throne behind the console. This is where my man Nu Kirk introduced me to the Triton and the MPC. Between Nu Kirk,Tony Byrd, Wike World and Rome Buck I learned a lot. They inspired me and showed me that the more skills and knowledge you have in the business the better you are. Already strong as far as content and delivery now learning what I could about the business side I was more hungry than ever. But it wasn't until I became one of the Franklin Chasuz did my punch line game sore to heights yet unexplored. Around the same time Spyder Da Cheiff from The Franklin Chasuz introduce me to a poor producers paradise the MTV Music Generator. Already heavy in music I mastered the generator producing tracks on the most basic equipment in the world a joystick and a PlayStation One. You might laugh but on my first album I'm Meant 4 Dis had only 2 tracks out of 13 that were not from the generator. And you couldn't figure out which ones unless I told you. By the time I'm Meant 4 Dis dropped I was spending a lot of time at open mics mainly the Safari Steakhouse. It was here that my name began to spread. Only back then it was just Ty. The D.C. didn't get added until 2004. Infa Redz of Topp Dogg Hill gave me the name. I had put some music on a mix tape he put out called D.C.'s Finest. When I went to pick up my copies I noticed that on the cover under my picture it said D.C. Ty I asked Infa why did you put D.C. in front of my name and he replied because nobody represents the city like you. And since that day that is and will be my name. In 2006 my life was changed forever by a woman who I now know is my kindred spirit also the Beast for this Monster. Lady M.O.E.T. Beast. What started as to lovers of music working together has blossomed into a love like no other. And from that love Draztick Measurez Recordz was born. Since then we along with our family have raised hell, eyebrows, and blood pressure levels with a multi genre musical onslaught. I pride myself on doing music from the heart so if your looking for what's in your in the wrong place. If your looking for fire your in the wrong place. I am lava and that's all I got for you. Hope you can take the heat. Now the Cruddy Crankerz are here and music will never be the same again.