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M.O.E.T. BEAST (MOTHER OVER EVERY THING) MOET THE BEAST FROM SOUTHEAST was born Chanel Yvette Caldwell. Born on August 19, the date that Chanel no.19 was introduced to the world. Stamping her a born star. She was born and raised in South East Washington, DC. Southeast is entirely different from what you see as visitors in the city and is documented statistically the highest crime and murder area of the city. M.O.E.T. began her music career as young as four, singing in the church choir at Mt. Lebenon Baptist Church, one of the founders being her great grandmother in 1899. It would be no surprise to the congregation of her life choice, being as though her mother sang in many of the choirs, and her father being the choir director. He had performed with many local and national groups in the late 60's thru 90's. And singing would only be the start of a chain reaction in the music world for Moe. Throughout grade school, the development of music consisted of vocal and instrumental music. Many of her friends called her Lisa Simpson, teasing her because her sax was bigger than her. It wasn't until the end of junior high when Moe decided to get her rap thing off. It was also there in Kramer Jr. High School she would perform for Kenny G's Song Bird for the National Negro College Fund receiving her first payment of services for a performance. It was only $100 bucks but she was happy at 12 to receive it. In 1989 she began her go-go career with Petworth band. The lead talker at the time was Go-Go Lorenzo. This is also around the time she met DC Scorpio. Moet began playing with a few bands in the city. DC is known for its go-go- style music. It was an outlet for musicians and vocalist alike trying to get heard. Her features with bands included, Pure Elegance, Chance, Rare Essence, Junk Yard, Back Yard, Familiar Faces and a host of many others. In 1993, in her first inaugural engagement, she performed with Bill Clinton at the Kennedy Center during his ceremony. Four students from each school in the US were chosen and she was one of them. In that same year she also competed in the National Music Convention with Anacostia Sr. High where they won 3rd place. She also was to addition for a role in the Sister Act II movie, but due to the condition of her premature son, she chose to be a mother. In 1994 Moe hooked up with Drama City Records, ran by the infamous Tommy (Gun) Edelin. The label consisted of artists such as Tony Blunt, Magnum, Tyheim Malik “Funkchild”, Kareem, Dan Igga, Mic Check and L. All tracks produced by Ron Utley. Being the youngest on the label and the only female, she became the label's First Lady. While under the label, Moe got the opportunity to have one of her songs used for the movie "Street Wise", produced directed by Bruce Brown. In 1997 Drama City had their first television debut on channel 9 news. It was for Broadcast House's Teen Summit. Moe has also performed in various community events such as the Unifest in DC, 2nd Annual Atonement Day for the Million Man March, and the African American Music Festival, in Milwaukee, Morehouse homecoming, and other events across the east coast and some parts of the south. She has opened for artist such as Biz, Naughty By Nature, King Just, Nas, Black Moon, Question Mark Asylum, Digable Planets, Lost Boys, Keith Murray, and Onyx, to name a few. Throughout the years, Moe has developed her talent, combining three individuals into one. Lady Moe is prissy, the poet; Moet, the writer, touch of blues; and Moe, first lady of the guttas, the wicked witch from the east. Because of her height, or the lack there of, she is a bully. You know how little people do. She also has a big heart. To some, Moe can be seen as a little intimidating because of her hard, strong, and bossy delivery. From 2000 to 2004 Moe did collaborations with several area artists. After that she decided to give the go-go scene one last try. Moet was the rapper for the Guess Who Band and All 4 U from 200-4-2006. But you know what they say, always move forward. It was then she realized that although she was looking for a live sound, this was not her route. In 2006 she hooked up with DC Ty. It would be then that the decision would be made not to look to be signed anymore. The independent route was the way to go. In 2007 Draztick Measurez Records would be formed. The label is mostly formed from family members with Lady Moet Beast and D.C. Ty The Monster as co-C.E.Os of the label. DC Ty being head producer, engineer, and graphic designer, taught Moet how to run Pro Tools, videography, and make beats. DM Recordz was responsible for several dis tracks and dis videos. The two of them would put out the first male/female duet mix tape called Holy Raptramony. She also put together the first ever all female mix tape in the nation's capitol called the Dirty Dozens. In 2007 she was a nominee for a DMV Legend Award. It would also be the year that Lioness Filmz was created. In 2009 she was nominated for a DMV Award for best “spoken word” recording. It was also the year that Moet & D.C. Ty would release Urban Christmas. In 2010 She would marry D.C. Ty The Monster legitimizing the first Married rap duo. In 2011 the duo would release Grown Folks Convo. In 2012 they would form the band The Cruddy Crankerz. It would also be the year that they release the Nationals Anthem, a dedication to the Washington Nationals. Since the formation of the band Moet has expanded her outlook on her role in music as a writer and artists in pursuit of exploring all genres of music. 1n 2013 The Cruddy Crankerz would release their first band project The Green-Uh-Rhee Album. Look out the way when you see her coming!