Grown Folkz Convo Vol. II

The Cruddy Crankerz

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The Cruddy Crankerz from Washington, D.C. This is exactly what you would expect from the Nations Capitol. From Crudd Rock vs Gutta Blues, Go-Go vs Punk, Hip Hop vs Folk, you get the point. A blend of all the genres representing all music globally! 

Washington, D.C. is known for its Go-Go- sound which is instilled in our hearts, but its not the only sound in the city. We play it all. Lady Moet Beast " The Beast from Southeast", one of the pioneer Hip Hop Femcees of D.C. has performed with many bands from D.C. since 1990.  Formally of Drama City Records from 1994-1998, she has opened for artists such as Black Moon, Nas, King Just, Naughty By Nature, Gunn Play, Keith Murray, Question Mark Asylum,  Pastor Troy, and many others. She has been a threat to the art of  "Raw". Not your average lady! Song writer, lyricist , poet, vocalist, musician, producer, graphic designer, video editor, director and that's just scratching the surface of this lefty. 


Now for the other lefty. D.C.Ty The Monster is exactly what his name says he is. Everything we just told you the Beast does....multiply that by 5 and you get D.C. Ty! When it comes to describing this man one phrase comes to mind.MUSICAL GENIUS! Born into a family of Musicians D.C.Ty is no stranger to his craft. He is also plays piano, lead, rhythm, and bass guitar, drums and more. He has opened for numerous artist as well. This guy wears many hats. One more thing, these two are married! That's right and from that union came Draztick Measurez Recordz/ Beast & Monster Ink. 


The Cruddy Crankerz were founded in July 2012 have graced such stages as the 9:30 Club, The Hard Rock Cafe Washington DC, Blues Alley, DC9, The Velvet Lounge, Bliss Nightclub, The Darlington House, The Fillmore Silver Spring, Bushwacker Saloon in Denver, The Caldwell Tavern in Alabama, The Common Market Charlotte NC. A 1 Sports Bar in Ft. Pierce Florida. Charity and community events such as the 2020 M.L.K. Jr. Day Parade, 2019 and 2021 D.C. Music Summit events for the homeless, education and more. They have  splashed the city with green and created a new sound from the city of Washington, D.C. They have performed on cards with  H.R. of Bad Brains,Static Disruptions, Ayre Rayed, Junk Yard Band, Trouble Funk, Wisdom Speeks, Dj Kool, D.C. Scorpio, Stinky Dink, Tony Blunt, Lady Day, and many more. No genre is safe! We play Jazz, Blues, Hip Hop, Rock, Go-Go, Metal, and more. 

But don't get it twisted if you don't think we get down you will be surprised! Come and find out what the hype is all about. Don't be afraid of the CRUDDY CRANKERZ. 

We are the Cruddnamic husband/wife duo who often cranks out with our awesome backline the Cruddynites. It wasn't always so. Lady Moet Beast has been in the game since the early 90s as a solo artist. D.C. Ty The Monster since 99. 2 solo artists who never met in the same city til 2006. To be honest with you the lack of producers, engineers, funds, and all the daily troubles of the world inspired us to come together as one and begin our mission to spread our Crudd!. Various artists from all genres over the decades have inspired us over the years. But the sheer will to do it on our terms (which isn't easy) separates us from the rest. We named our label Draztick Measurez Recordz because that's what we had to take. We added zzzz to everything for all of the sleepers out there. All of those studio closet sessions in "Barry Farms" DC, Playstation Generator beats (I'll never tell which ones), lol we really were starting all over again. 

You can't tell a Leo and a Scorpio what they can't do. Don't even try! 
Once we figured out how to run everything on our own we became the producers, engineers, publishers, graphic artists, and everything else. Then being the people we are we decided to do what was expected of any artist from Washington, D.C. We started a band. It got out of hand so we learned to play all of our music ourselves. 

The Cruddy Crankerz are currently working on several new album releases, a documentary and they also own  digital broadcasting network Cruddy Rite Radio..


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Facebook: The Cruddy Crankerz
Twitter: @cruddycrankerz
Instagram: @cruddycrankerz