The Board Game for Smokers


Granny’s or nothin! 

Upon entering Gasville station your job is to get to grannies house. There are many obstacles along the way. This is a smokers game.  Things you will need to play that are not included: Weed, bong, rolling papers, lighters, a pair of strong lungs and friends.  The game is best played with the album. 

  1. YOU MUST BE OF LEGAL SMOKING AGE TO PLAY THE GAME. Sorry kiddies but you’re lungs aren’t fully developed to play this game. Great gift for your parents tho! 
  2. Infused drinks and edibles can be used in place of flower. ABSOLUTELY NO VAPES!
  3. YOU MUST HAVE WEED TO PLAY THIS GAME. Every participant must bring at least 4grams to participate. No more than 1 oz of consumption per game. At least 5 pre rolls are required to be placed around the board. 
  4. This is a 2-5 player game. Each player starts at the Gasville Central Station. Every player MUST take a hit at the start of the game. 
  5. Roll the dice to see who goes first. The highest number starts and then so on. Each player will take a turn by rolling the dice to move across the board. 
  6. There are 2 decks of cards. MR. WEEDOPOLIS is the deck of feel good highs and REGINALD BUSHWEED is the deck of surprising misadventures. Players will be instructed to pluck from the deck according to the moves they make on the board. 
  7. Bongs are located through the board. If you land on the bong you have to take a pull from …the bong of course. 
  8. If you land on granny’s goodies the grams that were taken from the misadventures is yours. If you land go to jail you loose a gram. 
  9. The first person to granny’s house wins! The majority of the bud should be placed at Granny Greenleaf’s house for the winner. 
  10. There are no sore losers in this game as everyone should be high af by the end of the game regardless of who wins. All other players whatever you have left at the end of the game is yours. 
  11. Have fun!