A Band Full of Solo Accts

Yes you heard it  loud and clear! Yes we are individuals that come together for the love of music and crankage, but cranks very well as solo artist as well. Don't be shy if you want to hear us on a solo bit just ask for it! Each one of us have solo projects that are knocking on the front door of your eardrums so with that being said, get to know the Crankerz! Every artist has their own solo page so you can browes thru and even purchase products. Dont forget we come as solo, duo, and band. PS, we dont bite, we just put the STANKAGE IN YOUR CRANKAGE!

Need a feature? We will be more than happy to bless your track. Just make sure you got that stack ready to go Lol! But seriously we do get down for fee with a garuntee that you will be pleased with the work.  Lets make it happen collabs are always welcomed.... but you better get your bars, lyrics, and beats up cause we plan to destroy them. 

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