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About Relentlezz Dre: Andree “Relentlezz” Butler is more than your typical rapper, born and raised in the DMV he set out to create his own place in music. He dedicated his life to improving his craft and polishing his skillset, while single handedly funding his own promotion and distribution. Relentlezz is no stranger to dedication and hard work, many times he paved the way for opportunities and success by consistently putting in a paramount level of commitment. While on his quest to bring his musical dreams to the forefront, he attracted the attention of Skinny Corleone and 48th/49th Records. Upon hearing his innovative lyrics and delivery of concepts, he was signed to the label. By August of 2005, he released his debut album titled, “The Rel One”. His independent promotion topped over 3,000 copies sold. This was just the beginning of his accomplishments. Relentlezz went on to shoot his first video for the lead single off his debut album, titled “4 Ever” (King of Maryland). The song topped local musical charts, and went on to receive plays on the world renowned TV show, BET Uncut. He spent the following years focusing on improving his lyricism, image and emerging as a local celebrity. In 2007 he released “Yeah, I’m Relentlezz” vol. 1, and in 2008 released vol. 2. He was nominated for “Best Hip-Hop Artist & Best Mixtape” at the DMV Music Awards. In 2010 he released vol. 3 of his mixtape series. 2013 Relentlezz released Yeah, I’m Relentlezz” vol. 4. Relentlezz is currently working on a new and highly anticipated album titled “Relentlezz vs. The World”, which is set to be released in 2017. His newest single in 2021 is Time is Money.

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