All I Have by Mr. Irvan Scott


 IRVAN SCOTT is a musical prodigy. Hailing from the south east section of WASHINGTON DC, IRVAN had a lot of obstacles to overcome. From being born with the umbilical cord wrapped around his throat, to losing his only brother to the gun violence that plagues the streets of DC to this very day. At the early age of two years, IRVANS' mother bought him a toy piano which taught him how to play the tune "MARY HAD A LITTLE LAMB", and by the second time trying He had it down to a science, as if it were a second nature. His mother then knew that there was something special about her second born son. At 8 years old he was cast as lead male in the play "MARTIN LUTHER KING", in which was his first opportunity to showcase his talents. By the time IRVAN was 10 years old, he along with some of his young friends started a "GO-GO" band named B.O.B., which stood for BOYS ON BUCKETS, but was later distinguished as BOYS OF BUSINESS and played at local venues. IRVAN, of course, played lead ..s. As his skills began to advance, IRVAN grew tired of the simplicity that came with playing one note at a time in his "go-go" band and yearned to make more progressive tunes. So with his mothers blessing, IRVAN began a journey that would lead him down a more elaborate musical path. He then started composing songs before he even learned how to read musical notes. IRVAN then attended Woodrow Wilson high school in north west DC. At this time, feeling the family legacy on his shoulders because of his brothers death, basketball became a focal point of his life. IRVAN used the discipline that came with the sport to enhance his music. By the time he reached the 12th grade of high school, he scored lead in the play "MOBY DICK" in which he played many roles and most of his talents were on display. That gave his high school peers the first opportunity to witness his harmonious voice, and the beginning of a greatness rarely found. He received rave reviews for that performance. That propelled him into furthering his education at VIRGINIA STATE COLLEGE. He is majoring in vocal and his minor is piano. While spending his days at college IRVAN practically lives in the choir practice room, constantly writing and practicing on the GRAND PIANO that the school provides. He, along with fellow class mates, will get together and make harmonious, melodic tunes by the sound of the GRAND PIANO and other instruments. It was on a visit home during winter break that IRVAN was recognized by BIG T EXECUTIVE PRODUCTIONS as a MUSICAL GENIUS. It was then that IRVAN took the necessary steps to start taking his music career to the next level. Mustering up enough money, IRVAN took a leap of faith and met up with BIG T down in Atlanta, Georgia. After reviewing the movie called the "SECRET", shared with him by BIG T, IRVAN became full of positive energy and was poised to start recording his music. Guided by BIG T, IRVAN then collaborated with Hit Maker Entertainment Group owner ROB LEWIS and co-produced and recorded his first song "I WANT YOU" at DOPPLER studios in downtown Atlanta. Advancing further, BIG T guided IRVAN to the WAV.LAB/PHARMACY studio owned and operated by producers DOC DEEVIUS and JIOHDEE EL-AMIN of the Vybe Trybe Music Group, where he recorded 4 more songs. Upon his return to DC, IRVAN had a new found realization that he had a calling for making beautiful music. While in DC, he and BIG T teamed up with the young phenomenal producer JOHNNY STEEL and recorded the enchanting song "COOL GIRL" at the AFTER HOURS studio owned by the Mid East record company in the distinguished P.G. County of Maryland. Still in DC, IRVAN, under the guide of BIG T, wrote and recorded 3 songs at ASIATIC PRODUCTIONS studio, owned and operated by BU BU, all in one night!! Once again IRVAN returned to Atlanta to finish recording his debut album "MOTHERS MIRACLE CHILD" at the WAV.LAB/PHARMACY studio, where he was put into a comfortable, productive, and creative musical environment. While IRVAN would produce all the musical instrumentation, it was producer Doc Deevius who added the drums and percussion to all the songs recorded there. Doc Deevius, a musical genius in his own right, also mixed and mastered all the songs recorded at the WAV.LAB/PHARMACY studio. Doc used a technique well-acquainted with that of the many music greats/legends of the industry... HANDS ON! Now, with the whole world in front of him IRVAN is certain to win the hearts of critics and listeners alike. IRVAN writes and produces mostly all of his own material. Also, IRVAN has the UNCANNY ability to entice and captivate the world audience to new musical ECSTASIES!! IRVAN possesses an assured confidence and at only 19 years, he is ready to take the music industry by storm! IRVAN truly has, in his possession, the missing content that most of todays R&B acts lack... TRUE TALENT!! It is now with GREAT PLEASURE that I, BIG T, present the world to... IRVAN SCOTT!! A MUSICAL LEGEND IS BORN!!! Bio written by: Atif Muhammad